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How Robots Help Slow Things Down

By October 28, 2020 No Comments

Our favorite blog did a deep dive into the making of one of our favorite projects, Jack Honey and Ginger Beer. This was a tabletop commercial we produced last year with visual engineer/director Steve Giralt

Utilizing a custom-designed rig containing a 4hp electric motor (that doesn’t sound crazy but it actually is) and multiple mounting brackets to hold the yellow seamless background and a Phantom Veo 4K. In doing so we were able to bring both the camera and background up to speed quickly to achieve the desired look and feel as the lime dropped out of the air into the cocktail.

All that said, bringing a seamless background and Phantom up to 4G’s (who really knows if it was, but it was moving) posed many interesting challenges like boards cracking and the aluminum holding the camera starting to bend in mid-spin, but the biggest challenge by far was perfectly capturing a lime splashing into the cocktail. In order to capture the lime using the bullet-time effect made famous by The Matrix, another rig had to be built to perfectly dropping the lime in a way that could be duplicated for multiple takes. With just over a week to build the rig and complete the with a seamless yellow cyc, only our partner Steve and his team could tackle such a task.

-Ian Nelson


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