Our friends at LiveStar Entertainment came to the Bubba’s team with a truly exciting opportunity – to create the full graphics package for the exclusive documentary on the 2021 GameStop stock phenomenon. With a tight turnaround, graphics to design for yet-to-be shot footage, and a story that was continuing as we began, we had our work cut out for us… and we were ready to rise to the challenge. The ABC documentary premiered on Hulu, and was the first-out-the-gate on the whirlwind subject.




Visual Concept, Title Sequence, Title Lock-Up, Design Package,Motion Graphics


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Motion Graphics



The Ask

Though much of the documentary had yet to take shape when we came on board, the ABC team knew some fundamental infographics were going to be essential – What does shorting a stock even mean? When did the GameStop stock first start rising? What the heck are “diamond hands?” We were asked to create a unique and engaging graphic language to help effectively communicate some niche stock terms (both from Reddit and Wall Street!).

Nuts And Bolts

Our Approach

Our first task was to establish the overall graphic style and visual universe, grounded by the main title sequence. We sought to blend a video game aesthetic – nodding to the days of 8-bit pixels and Pacman – with subtle elements of Wall Street and stock market iconography, ultimately creating a world that fused both. This felt like the most fitting approach that best reflected the real-life GameStop stock phenomenon. 

GameStopped Definition Toolkit

April 6, 2021

April 6, 2021

April 6, 2021

April 6, 2021


The Results

The full graphics package by Bubba’s included the main title, lower thirds, locators, overlay infographics, full screen infographics, timelines, and more. You can now stream the full GameStopped documentary on Hulu.