Mr. Mom | Tiny Horse

Our good friends at the Tinyhorse Agency came to us with an exciting opportunity to help rebrand the classic 80’s comedy “Mr. Mom”. The film, originally starring the great Michael Keaton, was being revamped as a digital series by Walmart and MGM.

Our design approach in rebranding a classic comedy heavyweight like “Mr. Mom” was to pay tribute to the movie we love while incorporating the new series’ fresh perspective on parenting in these modern, chaotic times. We were asked to create multiple deliverables and assets including logo design, motion graphics toolkits, and a comprehensive style-guide that includes logo usage on a variety of social platforms. 

In addition, we were asked to produce a key art photoshoot with the cast and develop creative concepts for the shoot that drew on the show’s many themes about parenting and family dynamics. Suffice to say, we had a blast on this shoot. It’s not everyday you get to toss Legos around and thump Beastie Boys for hours. 

Mr. Mom is a new original series that focuses on the Anderson family as they navigate family life in these modern times. The show champions the family as a positive, yet relatable clan taking on the fast-changing world, economy and social norms, together. All episodes of season 1 are now streaming on Vudu.

We truly believe in what this campaign represents and are proud to be a part of bringing the City of Angels together! Mainly because sitting on the 405 staring at car bumpers for 3 hours is no fun. Join the movement. For all our sakes.


Mr. Mom