Munchkin | Orcas

We teamed up with Munchkin, one of the world’s leaders in baby products, and the Whale & Dolphin Conservation on this short film. The purpose was to shine a light on Munchkin’s efforts to support the conservation of orca whales through their bold, new campaign declaring that #OrcasLiveInOceans.

After 10 years of making a toy orca whale, Munchkin decided to put their principles before their profits and remove the toy orca from their bath toy collection. The short film features a young boy playing with his own beloved toy orca but while on a family trip to the beach, he makes the decision to release the orca into the ocean – because a bathtub isn’t big enough for an orca. 

We were brought on to direct and produce, as well as lead all production and post-production efforts. This project has proved to be rewarding in many different ways. I mean, it’s not every day you get asked to bring a toy whale to life through 3D animation. But seriously, we are thrilled about the impact the project has made so far. One day after the video was released, SeaWorld announced they would end the orca shows at the company’s San Diego park by 2017.


Orcas Live In The Ocean




Live Action, Creative Direction, Animation, Compositing,  Motion Graphics, Editorial, Sound Design/Mixing, Color Correction