Ole Smoky Moonshine

Our friends at VaynerMedia came to us with the task of producing three spots for Ole Smoky Moonshine. The goal? Show off three different Ole Smoky beverages in a fun way that makes you want to join the literal party. The kicker? All three spots needed to be shot in one day. Bubba’s loves a challenge, so it was full steam ahead. 

We found a location that had the ability to house our three very different scenarios; A BBQ, a Wedding, and a House Party. We also cast actors that would take on multiple roles throughout the spots, adjusting for each storyline. With Side of Fries directing, we were able to capture the fun, quirky energy that Ole Smoky Moonshine is known for. In addition to all things production, we provided editing support in post. 

Each spot has garnered over a million views on YouTube. And yes. We did walk away with some Apple Pie Moonshine. 


House of Ole Smoky


Ole Smoky Moonshine


Live Action, Editorial