SDCWA | Urban Waste Management Plan

The San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) started the Citizens Water Academy in 2015 to promote the understanding of water issues, planning, and history in the San Diego region for emerging leaders in their community. The SDCWA tabbed Bubba’s to help create an informative video that would help leaders and community organizers understand the fundamentals of the very complex subject of water planning. Namely the Urban Water Management Plan.  

The Urban Water Management Plan is a foundation document that identifies the water supplies necessary to meet the San Diego region’s water needs now and in the future.

We worked closely with the Water Authority team in crafting a narrative that informs and engages it’s audience in hopes of building greater brand ambassadorship and promoting smart water behaviour in the San Diego region. It was truly inspiring to get a behind-the-scenes look at how water planning, facility building, and community engagement work in a major city like San Diego. We’re always thrilled at the opportunity to tell stories for organizations like the SDCWA and help make a real impact in a community.


Urban Water Management Plan


San Diego Country Water Authority


Creative Direction, Animation, Editorial, Color Correction, Sound Design