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    Are you excited about joining a small creative team where your voice will not only be heard but valued? Are you a highly-driven individual whose creativity knows no boundaries? Do you dream about working in a studio where no two days are the same? Has anyone ever complimented your sweet spreadsheet skills? If so, shoot us over your resume! 

    Bubba’s is an award-winning content studio that fuses creativity, design, and technology to develop result-driven videos for brands and organizations.

    Our digital content studio is looking for a full-time post-production producer to join our growing team. The ideal candidate possesses strong communication skills, the ability to manage multiple projects at once with a friendly can-do attitude. This is a position that requires you to be highly organized and very responsive while helping drive the business forward with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

    General Responsibilities

    We are looking for a talented Post-Production Producer to lead a variety of projects we have going at any given time. Most of these projects will be client-based and will be under tight deadlines, however, this position will also head up internal projects as well as pitches.

    • Heading up multiple parallel productions from start to finish.
    • Setting up accurate bids, drafting calendars, hiring talent, setting up meetings/calls, managing artists, running client reviews, ensuring smooth production workflows, and anticipating challenges while offering up solutions in real-time.
    • Offer creative input at any stage of the process.
    • Brainstorm on pitches and in-project problem-solving.
    • Is great at finishing projects and can lead a team to deliver without much oversight.
    • Keeping up to date with the cutting edge motion design/animation production pipelines.
    • Accurately estimate time to assigned tasks.
    • Take initiative in solving creative and technical issues that arise.
    • Be able to seamlessly jump between many projects.
    • Personality and communication skills to thrive in a small team environment

    Job Requirements

    • 2-4 years of relevant professional experience working in advertising and branded content.
    • Solid working experience in the 2D and 3D motion design/animation production pipeline.
    • Great communication on both calls and emails.
    • Happily provides extraordinary customer service no matter what is being thrown their way, always going the extra mile.
    • Loves to WOW clients.
    • Has good taste
    • Works well under pressure
    • Critical thinking and the ability to clearly express creative ideas
    • Strong leadership skills and team management
    • Can take a hands-on approach to finish project and hop on Premiere at anytime
    • Experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
    • Has a working understanding of After Effects, Nuke, Maya, and Cinema 4D to be able to translate notes to artists in meaningful ways.


    • 2-4 years of relevant professional experience working in advertising and branded content.
    • Has strong working relationships with talented artists that fit in our pipeline
    • Agency experience
    • Has worked directly with brands 
    • Has been a waiter at some point
    • Can get excited about tabletop production with robots

    To apply submit your resume to

    A bit more info:

    Bubba’s LA embraces equal opportunity, and we cherish the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds on our small team. With every opportunity to grow the team, we seek to build upon that dynamic as we search for fresh and unique creative voices to welcome into our family.

    Due to the current global pandemic, full-time candidates should reside in and be eligible to work in Los Angeles. While we’re extremely interested in finding a match for the open full-time position, we’re also interested in meeting talented freelancers who might be a culture fit. 

    If you’re not interested in full time, please apply and mention freelance in your cover letter. Either way, we’re looking for producers with an insatiable passion for motion design and animation. 

    Please submit your resume to; bonus points if you share something positive you’ve done for yourself during the covid lockdown.