Amazon Studios | Campo De Estrellas

Amazon Studios, in conjunction with SuperSport, came to us with the task of designing an introductory title sequence for a docuseries show featuring the Real Madrid organization. When first approached, a pre-existing title sequence was in place, however, our partners came to us in search of higher level CG animation and motion graphics. The project presented unique circumstances of working with global partners, spread across multiple time zones, on an ultra-quick delivery. 

With our timeline in mind, we teamed up with the creative directing team at Warm & Fuzzy to start collaboration on style frames and mood boards. Bubba’s took a deep dive into the Real Madrid organization to understand the scope of who they are and the important themes that our show opener would present to the audience. Once greenlit, our team of animators and art directors put together storyboards before commencing on the sequence itself.

Bubba’s delivered a 30-second title sequence focused on the rich history of the Real Madrid organization. Utilizing the success of the football and basketball clubs, we created an ever-green show opener that focused on past players and the crowning achievements of Real Madrid. The show is now available in European markets.


Campo De Estrellas


Amazon Studios


Creative Direction, VFX, Compositing, Animation