The Story of Air Max 90 – 2090

Our friends at Calico approached us with a dream project. A full graphics package including main title design and sequence for a documentary about the iconic Nike Air Max line called “The Story of Air Max” to be hosted on The documentary was being made by Calico in prep for Nike’s highly anticipated launch of their newest Air Max; the Air Max 2090 on Air Max Day, March 26th.

Better believe we already pre-ordered a few pairs.




Visual Concept, Title Sequence, Title Lock-Up, Design Package,Motion Graphics


Creative Direction, Live-Action, Editorial, Color Correction, Sound Design

Nike Air Max Process


The Ask

We were asked to take existing Nike sketches and assets (say what!) to build a main title sequence that emphasized the evolution of the Air Max through the years. Starting from the AM1 in ‘87, moving through styles including the lesser-known versions in the 2000s, leading up to the reveal of the new 2090s. The title sequence not only needed to be dynamic but also pay homage to the Nike brand, the Air Max shoe line, and the creators, designers, and community of style ambassadors who ushered it into the history books.

Nuts And Bolts

Our Approach

Through our design process and the inspiration of the Nike assets we received, we quickly realized that in order to truly honor the Air Max line we needed to focus on the shoe’s holistic design – from every angle. So we turned on the lights to our table-top studio and powered up our cinebot, aptly named… Bubba. Through the power of motion control cinematography, and the help of a sneakerhead friend of ours (thanks Peter!), we were able to shoot several generational Air Max pairs in-house. This allowed us to showcase the full design of the Air Max shoes and achieve maximum salivation levels for sneaker fans everywhere.

Nike Air Max Cinebot


The Results

Since the launch of the documentary on Air Max Day (March 26th), we’re proud to say the series has received millions of views and counting on YouTube. You can also watch the series on It was an honor to collaborate with Calico Productions and the creative team at Nike on this one-of-a-kind campaign.