Listing Impossible | Authentic Entertainment

Our longtime friends at Authentic Entertainment came to us with a new series they were producing for the CNBC network called “Listing Impossible”. The series follows real estate titan Aaron Kirman and his team as they visit wealthy homeowners in Los Angeles and speak “truth to money” as to why their property is not selling. There are things that most real-estate-agents-to-the-wealthy won’t say. Aaron and his team – not so much. 

Authentic asked us to conceptualize and build a fun, whimsical opening title sequence inspired by the series. The opening would include a live-action shoot with the cast and utilize heavy VFX elements in order to bring excitement to show. We were also asked to create a brand GFX package comprised of a show title design and various in-show graphics, including a map toolkit that their in-house team could use across multiple episodes. 

Our concept for the shoot centered around Aaron and the team’s “magical” ability to transform even the worst interior designed homes into beautiful works of art fit for the highest of buyers. Our process included storyboarding and building a dynamic 3D pre-visualization of the opener in prep for our shoot. Having these elements in place allowed us to move quickly and efficiently on the shoot day, as well as help our client and CNBC approve the concept ahead of time. 

We had an absolute blast working on this one with Authentic and putting on our director caps for a live-action shoot chock-full of drones and techno cranes. Eat your heart out Michael Bay! We can’t wait to catch the show when it drops on CNBC.


Listing Impossible




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