Credelio | Flea & Tick Perscription

Credelio is a prescription flea and tick medicine so gentle, it’s safe for use on puppies. The agencies mission was to bring more attention to the brand and personify the benefits of their product, Credelio. Bubba’s was brought on by our friends at Hey Presto! to carry out all elements of Post Production, which included the unique task of shrinking a man down to the size of a flea.

To get this right, it was all about sticking to the numbers. Identifying the size of what was being shown on screen was crucial. Prior to the shoot, we calculated the ratios that we would be living by onset. We started with the puppies. When we liked a shot we recorded that information and then worked backward applying our ration to set up the correct angle and camera height for our host to make sure that his soon to be tiny-version will fit perfectly into the scene.

Once we had a locked cut, we moved into VFX and the brunt of our work. Blue screens were removed and the edges of our pitchman were refined; we animated and composited both fleas and ticks that we modeled and rigged in order to be punched and kicked off-screen.

Additionally, we added a variety of VFX that ingrained our actor into this giant world, from his impact against the carpet to his hands brushing through puppy Rosie’s fur.

The result was a pint-sized, slick-talking, and belly-scratching puppy protector seen in the 15 and 30-second spots for broadcast and internet as well as the homepage for Credelio’s website.


Tiny Defender Of Dogs




Editorial, VFX, Compositing, Color Correction, Animation