MGA Entertainment | Na! Na! Na! Surprise

What do you get when you combine a pink upholstered background, a confetti cannon, and a lightning-fast motion control camera rig? If you guessed a product shoot for MGA’s newest toy “Na! Na! Na! Surprise™” then you were right! And how the heck did you know that?

MGA is one of the most prolific toy manufacturers today. Some of their more popular toys include Bratz Collector™, Little Tikes™, and their current hit, LOL Surprise™. We were approached by MGA to help launch their newest product, “Na! Na! Na! Surprise™” just in time for the holidays. One of the most exciting components in helping launch the new toy was MGA’s interest in the use of motion control camera work, which the Bubba’s team is continually integrating into our productions. We brought aboard our friends at Ms. Robot and got to work on how to capture the experience of opening a “Na! Na! Na! Surprise™” — right in the heart of our studio.

Our goal with this shoot was to tease the variety of unique elements and details contained in one “Na! Na! Na! Surprise™” and give kids a little taste of what it feels like to pop one open. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot of fun! With “Surprise” in the title of the toy, we knew we had to make these spots burst with energy while also maintaining some mystery as to what’s inside. For this reason, we knew motion control camera cinematography was a great way to create dynamic movements that would help tease the element of surprise! 

The Bubba’s team ultimately delivered three dynamic teaser trailers, the first two concealing certain aspects of the toys, with the final spot revealing all the elements of “Na! Na! Na! Surprise™.” We resized all of our deliverables for social and digital platforms in post. We had so much fun working with the MGA team in our studios that we had to pinch ourselves several times during this whole process — and we’re happy to report we’re healing up nicely.  


Na! Na! Na! Surprise


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