Artisan Mini

Bubba’s Chop Shop collaborated with Idea Farmer and KitchenAid to help launch their latest product, The Artisan Mini.

They came to us with storyboards that detailed the features of the new product which we were then tasked with bringing to life through CGI. The Artisan Mini stand mixer makes up to 5 dozen cookies in a single batch, with the same power as the Classic KitchenAid stand mixer while being 20% smaller, 25% lighter, and fitting all attachments. It is best described as having mighty power with a mini footprint. We presented all of these features with the same feel that you would get from a luxury car commercial. Smooth and sleek, but oh so mighty.

We had a blast working on this project with Idea Farmer and KitchenAid. Take a peek at our VFX breakdown below. Don’t you feel like making a big batch of cookies now? You’re welcome.




VFX, Animation