Lululemon was on a mission to craft a stellar holiday campaign that would provide some relief from the madness of the season. The plan? Create a space for people to take a quiet moment to “Breathe It All In” through compelling imagery and the notion of ASMR.

180LA came to us early on in the process to help develop the look and concept. Alongside our friends at Warm & Fuzzy, we worked to formulate a visual representation of the tranquil vibes emanating from the heroes of our story and provided on-set supervision to guide these VFX shots. Heading into post we carried the visual effects over the edge, as well as provided color correction and editorial. And seeing as the mission was to reach as many people as possible with these mini meditations, we were also tasked with serving out a wide range of deliverables to accommodate a variety of different platforms. (do we have a number of deliverables? It’d be fun to say something like – “Forty-three, to be exact.”)

“Breathe It All In” personifies Lululemon’s philosophy of living a purposeful and inspired life and we were happy to assist in bringing a little peace to the day. Even if it is just for 6 seconds. I mean, we feel calmer already, don’t you?


Breathe It All In




Editorial, Color & VFX