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Motion Control Camera | Jack & Coke

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Bubba’s was brought on by FCB Chicago to produce three cocktail creation videos for Jack Daniel’s, featuring the use of a motion control camera. Our task was to represent this classic combination in a fun, sleek and exciting way that makes you thirsty for more. Yes, we did just make a beverage joke. Thank you for noticing.

Each spot stars Jack, with all of its timeless swagger, while varying slightly to vibe with the unique personalities of the individual Coke products: Coca-Cola Classic, Coke Zero, and Mexican Coke. Pulling inspiration from the characteristics of the beverages, things like pour, bubbles, and mixture inspired unique movements from our motion control camera.

Joining forces with our insanely talented Director/Visual Engineer, Steve Giralt, we utilized the Bolt Cinebot as well as its smaller counterpart for these spots and spent pre-production programming the shots for each bottle, which resulted in a smooth production. As smooth as the Phantom rolling on our Jack pouring out of the bottle at 1000 frames a second.

Our biggest challenge came during Post. It was always the plan to deliver these spots in every shape and size, for all formats; But when we dove into it we discovered that we wanted to adjust the timing slightly on most shots, as well as the position keyframes on all of our pours. This allowed us to take advantage of the frame size we were working with for each unique platform.


We knew the spots were working when we started color correction and our editor was sending us selfies from vacation with his new favorite drink, Jack and Mexican Coke. Our go-to recipe for a good time? Motion control cameras and a duo as renowned as Sonny and Cher. Cheers!

Have a look at these drinks in action!



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